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A full synopsis of the movie Superfast!, a parody of Fast & Furious

In the movie Fast & Furious action scene presents the form action kebut-kebutan with the plot and story are tilled with serious, then a Superfast movie release in 2015 this is a parody of the story film Fast & Furious. The film's release in April 2015 and then in America was directed at the same time the author of the screenplay, Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg.

Superfast Movie is a film genre parody-komendi and produced from a PH (production house) middle-class movies. As the film parody-comedy, the way Superfast story is obviously slip film Fast & Furious with silly way.

The story of the Film Superfast begins when Lucas White (Alex Ashbaugh) a police officer tasked with performing incognito for the sake of joining the wild racers group dikomandoni Vin Serento in LA. Gang this wild racers often perform a riot by making the race on the streets of the bustling city. Shortly after joining, Lucas White devised a plan to do a perampoan against Juan Carlos de la Sol, i.e., a mafia boss who hides his identity by posing as a Taco Bell restaurant owner. (See also: the full synopsis of the movie Terminator Genisys, Another version of the life of Sarah Connor)

Lucas White gathered a lot of information. In fact the plan forward yet so mature when he and his group perform arrests against Juan Carlos. Imperfections that plan resulting in the ridiculous happenings for the sake of a silly incident happened so their heroic action is broken apart.

A wide range of risks resulting from the failed plan of forcing Lucas White, along with members of the gang have to face wild racing events portrayed with so funny. Other than in terms of the story which is a pun of the film Fast & Furious, in Superfast can also be found a parody of characters from Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and also Sung Kang. (See also: the full Synopsis of the movie Poltergeist (2015), a child kidnapped by ghosts and Stuck in Television)

Superfast movie starring Alex Ashbaugh (starred as Lucas White), Lili Mirjnick, Daniel Booko, Dale Pavinski, and Andrea Navedo has broadcast a 90-minute duration. In addition to presenting a story full of action and scene kebut-kebutan, the high-speed Superfast also presents stories that whisk the stomach so it will make the audience laughing throughout the film.

Release date:
3 April 2015

99 minutes

Trailer Superfast! :

trailer superfast
Director Superfast!:
Jason Friedberg
Aaron Seltzer

Producer Superfast!:
Jason Friedberg
Aaron Seltzer
Peter Safran

Screenwriter Superfast! :
Jason Friedberg
Aaron Seltzer

Players/star Superfast! :
Alex Ashbaugh
Dale Pavinski
Lili Mirojnick
Andrea Navedo
Dio Johnson

Music arranger:
Tim Wynn

Shaun Maurer

Peck Prior

Production company:
Safran Company
3 in the Box

Ketchup Entertainment

Country of production:
United States


Cost: $ 20 million

Box office revenue:
$ 1.8 million

(Source: Wikipedia)

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