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A full synopsis of the movie Paradise that is not sorely missed (2015), from the best-selling Novel Asthma Nadia

A full Synopsis of the movie paradise that is not sorely missed the production of MD still religious themed pictures and daily life especially closely related to the life in a household. Fedi Nuril as starring Prasetya, Cintya Laudya Bella as Arini, Raline Shah and as Meirose, movie paradise that is not sorely missed these deals with family life which was built by a pair of husband and wife Prasetya and Arini.
At first, their domestic life with domestic life built by other couples in General, where the male figure is Pras's loyal and dear in the family while the wife is submissive Arini and mother are good for only child wayangnya Nadia. Their domestic life a happy change and conflicts when Pras saved a woman who had an accident and ended up in a coma. While in the hospital, the new Pras learns that the woman he has saved i.e. Meirose was pregnant of a boy. Feel sorry with the fate and the fate of a depressed Meirose the newborn babies that will be born without a father, Pras decided to marry Meirose silently and did not notify Arini. But gradually the Arini began to realize something went wrong with the behaviour of Pras, which is getting increasingly feel guilty of Arini with her decision to marry Meirose. (See also: the full Synopsis of the movie Minions (2015) look for Employers)
What will be done by the Pras to maintain his household with Arini and kepuusan what will be taken by Arini when knowing her husband did polygamy? How luck Meirose who falls in love with Pras and don't want to lose the figure of Pras as her husband. You can find the answer from the full synopsis of the movie paradise that is not sorely missed this after watching the film itself. The film is not sorely missed this theme may exist in the real-life person and bring the audience to get wisdom and positive advice from their respective characters. This movie is worth a look to respond to issues regarding polygamy which is sometimes still considered taboo because of the hurt it a human female. (See also: the full Synopsis of the movie Entourage HBO Mini-series adaptation of)
Trailer haven Not sorely missed:

poster surga yang tak dirindukan
Production Notes:
Fedi Nuril as PRASETYA
Laudya Cynthia Bella as the IMAGE of the ARINI
Raline Shah sbg MEIROSE
Kemal Palevi as AMRAM
Tanta Ginting sbg HARTONO
Sandrina Michelle as NADIA
Zaskia Adya Mecca as SITA
VITTA Mariana as LIA
Hj. R.A.Y. Sitoresmi sbg SULASTRI (mother ARINI)
Landung Simatupang sbg SUTEDJO (father of Arini)
Sanjay Mulani
Widhi Main Moral
Costume & Make-up:
Retno Ruth Damayanti
Art Director:
Allan Sebastian
Sound Recordist:
Sound Designer:
Satrio Budiono
Edited by:
Cesa David Luckmansyah
Music by:
Tya Subiakto Satrio
Director Of Photography:
Ipung Rachmat Syaiful
Alim Sudio
Team MD
Based On The Novel by:
Asma Nadia
Associate Producers:
Dian D. Sasmita Faisal
Hendrayadi R.
Co-Executive Producer:
Zairin Zain
Hanung Bramantyo
Creative Producer:
Shania Punjabi
Executive Producer:
Dhamoo Punjabi
Manoj Punjabi
Kuntz Agus
Release Date:
Lebaran 2015
Original Soundtrack:
"Heaven Is Not Sorely Missed"
Performed by the NBA champions
Composed by Melly Goeslaw
Published by PT. Aquarius Music Library
Music Producer: Anto Hoed
Executive Producer: MD Music

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