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A full synopsis of the movie Entourage HBO Mini-series adaptation of

The release of Entourage movie in America at the beginning of June 2015 represents a widescreen version of the film season 8 mini-series broadcast on HBO with the same title. Doug Ellin as as the creator of the series Entourage movie broadcast since 2004 to 2011 will hold the lead director at once screenwriters on the movie version of the screen width. In addition to the television series on HBO, Doug Ellin, also known has ever directed a movie Kissing a Fool starring David Schwimmer, Jason Lee, and Mili Avital.

The story of the movie Entourage begins with the story of Johnny "Drama" Chase (played by Kevin Dillon), along with his friend Eric "E" Murphy (played by Kevin Connolly), and Sal "Turtle/turtle" Assante (played by Jerry Ferrara) driving a motor boat to participate in a party hosted by Vincent Chase (played by Adrian Grenier) on a luxury cruise ship. Vincent who had recently divorced from his wife after living a married life during sembila days, has been in a relationship with a new woman named Nina Agdal.

The four Musketeers is then met with Ari Gold (Piven Jeremi) i.e. a giant film studio Chairman. ARI Gold offered the four Musketeers is to play in the drama genre film with a goal of getting at least the awards film nominations in as Oscar.
This series of very expensive film is rendered with all the silliness. As for example E who met with a former girlfriend who was about to give birth, Ari who later married Lloyd, Vince demanded to fuck with her friend's daughter, any Drama that could somehow take part/role in the movie Iron Man Story for the sake of the story. the overlap between these four Musketeers keep rolling up to the end of the story. (See also: the full Synopsis of the movie Superfast!, a parody of Fast & Furious)

The film genre of comedy was produced by Mark Wahlberg (who is an actor and has starred in several movies), Rob Weiss and Stephen Levinson. With the length of the movie speanjang 104 minutes, Entourage stars Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Piven, Adrian Grenier, and also Jerry Ferrara. (See also: the full synopsis of the movie Terminator Genisys, Another version of the life of Sarah Connor)

Entourage: the complete plot
Vincent "Vince" Chase, who has been divorced from isternya after 9 years of marriage age, want to do new things in his career. He got a call from her boss, the head of the studio, a stuntman, Ari Gold which offers Vince became a major role in the production of the prime of the workshop. Vince said he would only be membintanginya if he who directs it. 8 months later, Hyde, the debut film of Director Vince, in the middle of the final production and a shortage fee of $ 15 million. Need more money, Vince tells to Ari that they can complete the film if get an additional $ 10 million. ARI felt reluctant but want to fun, Ari Vince flew to Texas to meet donor co-film; Larsen, McCredle and her son Travis to get money. Doubt, Larsen sent Travis along with Ari returned to Los Angeles to see the end of the film in a private screening of the Prime Vince.

Vince had second thoughts that the cuts are still rough and cancel the screening, fearing no one could enjoy it. He then gave a coffee movies for their catch. ARI and Travis enjoy the film but Travis requested that Ari cut scene big brother Vince, Johnny "Drama" Chase, from the movie or it will not give you additional money. ARI does not give it the answer, Travis hold final production process. Vince and Eric "E" Murphy visited the Travisi with a solution, but the result Travisi said that he didn't like the performance of Vince and wanted the rest of the film was completed with the leadership of the new Director. In addition, the studio'S CEO John Ellis issued Ari from production.

They soon realised that Travis was angry at this movie because Vince spending time with Emily Ratajkowski, Travis crazy about her. Learning of this, Ari Ellis interrupt the meeting room along with Larsen and Travis with this information. Surprisingly, Larsen said that he would remain in the back of the film if Ari is no longer working for the studio because how Ari honored by Travis in front of him. In this time, Vince dkk went to the hospital because her former fiance E, Sloan, entering labor. Sloan gave birth to a baby girl, Ryan Murphy, and Vince dkk celebrate.

ARI arrives at the hospital and also announced he resigned himself, thus allowing the film Vince road continues. Hyde became a winning film at the box office with $ 450 million in revenue. At the Golden Globe Awards, the play won the award for the best supporting actor category. Stunned, the play received the award and speechless for a moment before he chanted the words of its flagship (from Viking Quest), "VICTORY!"

At the end of the story, the former Assistant to Ari Lloyd will marry Ari and let it go. When this group back together, Billy Walsh suggested that they should make a movie or TV series about the life of Vince and his gang.

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